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Prefabricated buildings

Prefabricated buildings are a cost-efficient solution for roofing and storage. Depending on the design of individual types of buildings, their application can be extended to production and service facilities and even to combinations with office facilities. On top of the basic properties of such buildings, different types of our tents and halls offer protection against condensation, mitigate temperature fluctuations, allow the penetration of daylight, are thermally insulated and offer the highest level of technical safety.






High-quality materials and technical sophistication place our prefabricated buildings at the very top of industrial tents and halls. Fast delivery, easy assembly and simplified procedures for obtaining the necessary spatial permits give our buildings additional advantages.

We will find perfect solution for your needs.

Check our wide range of products and we will provide a quality storage solution for your needs.


Application examples




For demanding and undemanding storage facilities, we always find the right solution.

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